The Childhood Edition Re-Cap and Important News about MPS 2018!


The Childhood edition of Mouth Piece Storytelling was Cabbage Patch doll-sniffing awesome! We gathered together on a mild December evening to share stories about our childhoods. By golly is that ever a vast and wild place where stories live! With an inspiring start by Guest Storyteller Janice Smith and musical power by Guest musician Allison Brown (that’s with two ‘L’s not one!), five storytellers braved the Villains’ stage and had us laughing, gaffawing, shocked and stunned!

Guest Storyteller Janice Smith shared several childhood stories! She was passionate, funny and inspiring!

To get our storytelling juices flowing, musician Allison Brown, who tells incredible stories in her songwriting and singing, also shared personal stories about her musical life.

Singer/songwriter Allison Brown. What a talent!

Thank you to the five storytellers who took to the stage to travel back in time to their childhood’s to share stories:

Storyteller Ian.


Storyteller Mike.

Storyteller Melissa.


Storyteller Eric.


Storyteller Jodi.

Our eager and supportive audience cast their heartfelt votes and the Master Mouth Piece for the Childhood Edition is:


Ian, the bartender at Villains, has braved the stage at several events, but this time – he WON!

Thank you to everyone who shared a story and to our wonderful audience who continues to show up, participate, spread the word, and support storytelling!

The Childhood Edition was the season (2017) closer. We ended the year with a beautiful bang! Though we had less events this year than previously, we ended up with the same amount of Master Mouth Pieces who will compete in our grand Master Mouth-Off this year.

Here’s what’s going to be a bit different though…

This year, at least in the beginning, we will not be having any competitions. We are awaiting the call for the next Arts, Culture & Heritage Fund grants to open so we can apply for a grant to plan and have our Master Mouth-Off.  Because we are a small team (sometimes only one!), we need to take some time to plan our big event and plan it well. We are always looking for sponsors, which would help tremendously in the frequency of events, so if you know a company who you think would be happy to donate or sponsor Mouth Piece Storytelling, please let us know!

In the meantime, we’ll be preparing for the grant, writing and submitting the grant, then planning our Master Mouth-Off. We do appreciate your patronage and support thus far – we are not ending (NEVER!), but we’re taking a bit of time to prep for our grand event.

To give you a timeframe, the ACHF grant closes March 2018 – so that means we’ll hear about whether or not we get the grant after that – which also means that our Master Mouth-Off will likely happen in April or May.

If you are itching to continue to share your stories and/or get on stage, please check out one or all of the many open mics for music and poetry, for karaoke and more…that happen in our grand city and in Detroit and Ann Arbor.

Toast Open Mic – Poetry @ Phog lounge

Windsor Poetry Slam

Karoake, Open Mics and More! – @ Villains

The Moth Storytelling in Detroit & in Ann Arbor

Interested in knowing who will compete at the Master Mouth-Off? Here are the winning Master Mouth Pieces’!

Storyteller Kristen from our Love Edition

Storyteller Geoff from our Danger Edition

Storyteller Dorothy from our Secrets Edition

Storytellers Peter, Alicia & Geoff (again!) from our Special Flood Edition

Storyteller Ian from our Childhood Edition


Stayed tuned for more information regarding our Master Mouth-Off. It will be held at Villains Baestro.

Please check out our podcast on Soundcloud as well – all stories, all the time!

Thank you for putting your story where you mouth is!


FLOOD EDITION – Photos and More!

The Special ‘FLOOD’ Edition of Mouth Piece Storytelling took place on Thursday, September 21, 2017 at Villains Baestro.

It was a hot, sunny, beautiful day! Although we had a small crowd, it was the perfect crowd! We settled in and listened to musician Dominic Carlone sing us some wonderful ‘water’ songs.

We had six incredible storytellers sharing stories dealing with all sorts of floods!

Storyteller Stefan – it was his first time up at the mic but he’s a total natural!

Storyteller Stefan started us off with a musical vibe of his own!

Storyteller Tammy shared a story about some leaky bladders. Construction bladders! It was her first time at the mic as well – and she rocked it!

Storyteller Karen told us about her grandmother’s beautiful flood home care and love.

Storyteller Geoff, a past Master Mouth Piece, made us laugh to tears with his Istanbul story.

Storyteller Peter had a load of a story. #shitty! Check out his facial expressions – a born storyteller!

Storyteller Alicia, also a first-time Mouth Piecer, gave us one powerful story of the flooding of the blood.

Because of the generosity of several local businesses, we were able to give each storyteller a gift for braving the stage, and AWARD THREE PRIZES FOR MAST MOUTH PIECES!


Suede Productions

Windsor Vacuum

DeZenio Hair Salon

The Mouth Piece Family

The generous audience filled out their forms and voted on three storytellers as the winners or the MASTER MOUTH PIECES.

Congratulations to storytellers….GEOFF, PETER AND ALICIA!!

Each storyteller will advance and continue onto our annual Master Mouth-Off!

Oh, and did we mention that CBC NEWS was at our fancy little event? Indeed, they did! Journalist Chris Ensing came to cover our show – and we made the news!


Thank you for your dedication and support of storytelling!

We’ll see you in November for the CHILDHOOD edition – featuring Guest Storyteller Janice Smith.






the water, the wet, the gutting, the moving, the cleaning, the sweeping, the dumping, the remembering, the laughing, the generosity, the laughing, the LOVE –

FLOOD us with your flood stories. 





*note: we come together in a safe, supportive space to share stories that affect our lives. this is not a place for political agendas and/or political apple-boxing. *


Instead of voting on one Master Mouth Piece – we will award prizes to the



Here is our Facebook event page – let us know you’re coming!

We will resume our CHILDHOOD edition in November – featuring Guest Storyteller Janice Smith!

The Secrets Edition – Photos & More!

Mouth Piece Storytelling – The Secrets Edition! 

Thanks to Guest Storyteller Jeni De La O, the theme of secrets was uncovered! Right away, I knew it would be a wonderful theme for our little storytelling engine that could! Jeni is a Moth storyteller (she recently was on a main stage as a guest storyteller – this is a MAJOR storytelling accomplishment!), and she began her own bilingual storytelling series in Detroit called Relato! Detroit. This is Detroit’s FIRST bilingual – Spanish/English – storytelling event! Congratulations to Jeni for creating another wonderful space for storytelling.

At our Secrets event, Jeni shared a true, fascinating and love-filled story about her double life. Be sure to check out our podcast to hear her tell it! We were lucky to hear Jeni tell not one but two stories! Thank you Jeni!

A super thank you to all our Secret storytellers: Dorothy, Geoff, Ian, Kate and Steven.


Storyteller Dorothy

Thank you to Villains – Geoff and Ian and the rest of the staff. Thank you to Suede Productions our forever sponsor, and Cypher Systems for our prize sponsorship. Thank you to Lauren Hedges for doing sound and taking these beautiful photos! Also, for keeping our podcasts alive and well! Thank you to Jeni De La O and her family. And, of course, thank you storytellers and audience – we can’t do this without you!

May the stories continue to flow and grow!


Mouth Piece Storytelling – Two Events in Five Days!

Sheesh, Windsor is a grand city!

Over the next five days, we’ll be having not one but TWO storytelling events!

Here is the first one: Shout Out! 150! A celebration of Stories about Canada! I’ll be hosting this unique event that will showcase a diverse cross-section of storytellers from our community!

Our next Mouth Piece event is on Thursday, June 1 – The Secrets Edition!

Featuring Guest Storyteller Jennifer De la O and Guest Musician Crissi Cochrane!

Both of these events are free!

Here are the Facebook links – let us know you’re coming!

Shout Out! 150 Event

Mouth Piece Storytelling – The Secrets Edition

See you there!

Put Your Story Where Your Mouth Is!

Mouth Piece Storytelling – The Danger Edition in Pictures!

Thank you to photographer Collin Meloche for capturing our incredible ‘Danger’ event at Villains Baestro! It truly was a wild evening -and we have the photos to prove it!

Congratulations again to the Master Mouth Piece Storyteller Geoff! He’s the owner of Villains so we already love him – but certainly adds to his cool factor, now doesn’t it?

Feast your eyes on these…don’t worry, it’s safe!

Thank you to all of our stellar and dangerously awesome storytellers:

Allie, Karen, Adam, Geoff, Jodi, Nick, and Larissa!

And thank you to our Guest Storyteller Craig Pearson, who literally had us crying, laughing, holding our breath, and covering our eyes!

Guest musician Brendan Scott-Friel tore down the house! Playing music from his new album ‘Quiet Cars‘ and getting dangerously close to breaking our hearts with his passionate voice and sick guitar talent.

Join us at our next Mouth Piece event – The Secrets Edition! Thursday, June 1, 2017

Mouth Piece – The Danger Edition! The Master Mouth Piece Is…

Our Guest Storyteller Craig Pearson – bungee jumping!


Ah, what a superb event we had last night! Our Danger Edition was so many things – emotional, riveting, scary, funny, exciting…and literally dangerous – I totally gave myself a fat lip from bonking my mouth onto the microphone! DOH! Our Guest Storyteller, journalist and writer Craig Pearson, gave a dynamic, heart-breaking and humorous photo presentation of his ‘dangerous’ life as a journalist. Honestly, I had to cover my eyes and hold in my tears a bunch of times! Thank you Craig!

It is my great pleasure to announce that the Master Mouth Piece for the Danger Edition is… Storyteller Geoff!

Geoff and I – cheesin’! Photo credit: Collin Meloche

We had seven brave storytellers take the stage – photos forthcoming – and each had a unique and terrifying story to tell!

Yes, there are prizes to win at Mouth Piece!

Watch out! We are a punny bunch over here…

After a day of dangerous down-pouring – the sun came out!

Seven brave storytellers filled the board, the stage and our hearts!

Thank you also to our musical guest, singer/songwriter (and dangerous heartbreaker!) Brendan Scott Friel!

His new album – Quiet Cars

Brendan Scott Friel. photo by zisha ali

Check out more from Brendan here!

Thank you to our sponsor Suede Productions, and Cypher Systems. And of course, to the team at Villains Baestro – our unofficial ‘home’ for Mouth Piece!

Stay tuned for more photos!

THE DANGER EDITION! Thursday, April 20, 2017

This THURSDAY, APRIL 20, 2017 we’re back at Villains Baestro for another edition of Mouth Piece Storytelling! Featuring journalist and writer Craig Pearson (Windsor Star) as our Guest Storyteller, we’re offering you a dangerous treat you’ve not experienced before – a special slide presentation! Craig will WOW and WOO us with his story of living dangerously as a journalist!

This is Craig. He is living dangerously!!

Local musician Brendan Scott Friel will open the show with gorgeous music, some of which may be from his beautiful new album Quiet Cars (that will be for sale!)! If you’d like to live on the edge and check him out before the show, please do so via his Facebook page – you’ll get videos, music and more! Creep away!

Photo credit: Zishan Ali

As per usual, the show starts precisely at 7:30pm! Sign-ups start at 7pm. *News alert* Villains no longer serves food but you can buy from from elsewhere and eat it there. They still serve booze, so there’s that!!

Come on out and share your danger stories, okay? It’ll only hurt a little. Live on the edge. You got this.

The Love Edition Season Opener – Results and Photos!


We were back at Villains Baestro for our season opener – The Love Edition – on February 16. What a wonderful night we had!


Decorating the space is always a fun endeavour – we even had cinnamon hearts! The crowd showed up and we got the party started with our first musical guest Carmel Liburdi. She wooed us with her smart, witty, heartfelt lyrics and sexy smooth voice that made it impossible not to become super fans. Carmel started the show and got our hearts thumping then played to woo more storytellers to the stage…in the end, she shared her ‘cake’ song and made many connections. We’ll have her back, not to worry!


Singer/songwriter Carmel Liburdi.

_thc8528 _thc8526

Though at first we had only one storyteller signed up, as it happens, the magic started flowing, and in the end we had TEN storytellers!

To heat up the stage, professional storyteller and all-around-fabulous woman Dame Wilburn, our Guest Storyteller, brought us to laughter tears with her love story about a pet pig..and the tastiest bacon she ever did eat (yeah…you must listen to the podcast to hear the full story!)


Storyteller Dame Wilburn.

Here are the outstanding storytellers…


Storyteller Sarah bought a fancy red dress – just for her Mouth Piece storytelling debut!


Storyteller Kristen shared a story about how her love of snow brought her on a mysterious walk.


Storyteller Louisa – Carmel’s mom – was not afraid to wear her pajamas anywhere!


Even the bartender was compelled to share a story! Storyteller Ian told us how love brought him back from the army.


And the cake stories began with Storyteller Jeni. Oh, what she did for a piece of cake was pretty amazing.


Storyteller Jodi, who was our Master Mouth Off in December, braved the stage once again with a story about…gentle stalking.


Storyteller Kelly’s story brought us to Pier One….and a staff member’s unrequited love for someone she really looked like.


Love hurts…and yet it makes you stronger. That was Storyteller Josh’s message.


Music can change people, and that’s what storyteller Josh (yes, there were two!) reminded us.


Storyteller Naali rounded out our stories with a sweetness that had us all blushing and being thankful.

And the Master Mouth Piece for the Love Edition season opener is:

Storyteller Kristen! 


Storyteller Kristen moves on to our Master Mouth Off!

Thank you to all the storytellers – 9 of whom did NOT plan on sharing a story but were inspired and compelled in the moment! It’s magic I tell you! Thank you to photographer and sound engineer Lauren Hedges for the beautiful photos and for taking care of sound for our forthcoming podcast.

Super thank you to our forever sponsors, Suede Productions, and to our show sponsor Renaud Partners LLP.

Thank you to our audience without which we would not be able to choose a Master Mouth Piece – and…they did some very awesome doodles…


Cake made an appearance!


Some fun with our logo!

Our season opener was a LOVE-ly success! Thanks Villains for taking great care of us! We’ll be back on Thursday, April 20 for our second show – The Danger Edition! Our Guest Storyteller is journalist/writer Craig Pearson, and our guest musician is Brandon Scott Friel.