Mouth Piece Kick-Off Mouth-Off a total success!!












What an outstanding event the Mouth Piece Kick-Off Mouth-Off was! Although at first the storytellers were a bit shy, they gathered their guts and stepped up to the stage to share honest, funny, heartfelt stories about BOOKS. Thank you!

Where do I begin? Villains Beastro was the perfect place to begin this storytelling journey. The staff was attentive and the venue was perfect! Stage? Check. Food? Check. Booze? Check! With over 50 people in attendance, there were cheers and hoorahs from the robust crowd. Many folks who are supporters of The Moth attended Mouth Piece to ‘see what it was all about’. And of course! We’re so happy you came! Social media and the *amazing* article in the Windsor Star promoting Mouth Piece did the job – got storyteller’s attention and attendance! Yahoo!

With the support of the Arts Culture & Heritage Fund grant Mouth Piece was granted, our kick-off Mouth-Off was a grand success! Storyteller Shannon Cason’s honest story about being a father opened the floor for more raw, heart-squeezing stories. We’re so thrilled Shannon came as our first Guest Storyteller! We are all fans! DJ Cam spun sweet music that kept us dancing in our seats…and a few brave souls even shook a booty on the dance floor as the scores were being tabulated (thank you Claire, Mouth Piece Math Goddess!!)

Thank you and high-fives to everyone who helped make this event so spectacular:

Villains Beastro, Shannon Cason, Suede Productions, Cameron Hucker, Corey Futko (the graphic artist who created our logo!), The Moth (our inspiration!), Cathy Masterson, Christopher Lawrence Menard, Arts, Culture & Heritage Fund, Grown Ups Read Things They Wrote as Kids family (Dan and Jenna!), Katie Hawkins (sound technician!), Claire Ferris, Emma Truswell (Blush Photography), DigiPrint, Marty Gervais, Sarah Jarvis (BookFest Windsor), Windsor Star, Beatrice Fantoni & Tyler Brownbridge, Raise A Reader, Nick, Jett & Miller Shields, and all the family and friends of the storytellers!

I bet you’re wondering, well, who the heck won this Mouth Piece event? Who is the Master Mouth Piece?!!


The June Master Mouth Piece is Greg!!

And now…please scroll and enjoy this visual essay featuring photographs taken by the talented Emma Truswell of Blush Photography.

Thank you! Stay tuned for the podcast! For details on the next Mouth Piece storytelling event, see ‘Events’ or read this!


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We are thrilled to announce that Mouth Piece Storytelling is the recipient of an Arts, Culture & Heritage Grant, offered by the City of Windsor’s Culture Department! We put loads of time and effort into the grant application in hopes that we would get some financial help for our Kick-Off Mouth-Off event – and we did!

Thank you so much ACHF team and the City of Windsor!

The official Press Release…



Two Weeks From Today! Kick-Off Mouth-Off!!


Storytellers! Are you preparing your book-themed stories? Our Kick-Off Mouth-Off storytelling event is but two weeks away! We look forward to starting this culturally cultivating storytelling series in Windsor.

We’ll see you at Villains Beastro (256 Pelissier) on Friday, June 12, 2015. Doors open at 6:30pm. Sign-up starts at 7pm, and storytelling begins at 7:30pm.


Shannon Cason, professional storyteller and comedic genius, will lead our storytelling, followed by 10 local storytellers. If you want to be one of the storytellers, you MUST fill out our form so we can put it in the basket and test your luck!

There will be a brief intermission after the first 5 storytellers. Each storyteller has 5 minutes to tell her story. No reading! No memorizing! And the story MUST BE TRUE!

For full storyteller info – CLICK HERE!

Yes, this is FREE EVENT and will continue to be a FREE EVENT because we at Mouth Piece believe that the oral tradition of storytelling is a given. We should be sharing stories with each other as often as possible. We’re here to foster this gift we can give to each other.

Of course, we couldn’t do this without our local supporters!

Each Mouth Piece event will take donations for the Raise A Reader program. Please bring in gently-used or new books – any genre, and we will promptly get them to the team!

As an added Kick-Off bonus, DJ Cam (was the DJ at Oishi back in the day!) will be spinning sick beats in between stories, during intermission, and after the Master Mouth Piece winner is announced. So prepare to stay and dance all night!

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