The Secrets Edition – Photos & More!

Mouth Piece Storytelling – The Secrets Edition! 

Thanks to Guest Storyteller Jeni De La O, the theme of secrets was uncovered! Right away, I knew it would be a wonderful theme for our little storytelling engine that could! Jeni is a Moth storyteller (she recently was on a main stage as a guest storyteller – this is a MAJOR storytelling accomplishment!), and she began her own bilingual storytelling series in Detroit called Relato! Detroit. This is Detroit’s FIRST bilingual – Spanish/English – storytelling event! Congratulations to Jeni for creating another wonderful space for storytelling.

At our Secrets event, Jeni shared a true, fascinating and love-filled story about her double life. Be sure to check out our podcast to hear her tell it! We were lucky to hear Jeni tell not one but two stories! Thank you Jeni!

A super thank you to all our Secret storytellers: Dorothy, Geoff, Ian, Kate and Steven.


Storyteller Dorothy

Thank you to Villains – Geoff and Ian and the rest of the staff. Thank you to Suede Productions our forever sponsor, and Cypher Systems for our prize sponsorship. Thank you to Lauren Hedges for doing sound and taking these beautiful photos! Also, for keeping our podcasts alive and well! Thank you to Jeni De La O and her family. And, of course, thank you storytellers and audience – we can’t do this without you!

May the stories continue to flow and grow!


Podcast Mania!

Each Mouth Piece Storytelling edition is sound recorded – live off the floor! This is to carry out part of our mission which is to preserve and share the stories you tell. We are proud of our storytellers and are dedicated to keeping the legacy of their stories alive forever.

So, stay connected to our podcasts on SoundCloud!

Here is a link to all our shows...but for the first couple -which are listed on this page as well!

Be sure to listen, remember, share and continue to share your stories!

With love,

The Mouth Piece Storytelling Family

The Home for the Holidaze Edition Podcast is Here!


Thank you to our lovely podcast guru Lauren Hedges for putting together the Home for the Holidaze Edition podcast!  I know it was awhile ago, but it’s worth the wait! Remember all the hilarious and heartfelt ‘home’ stories? Remember our Guest Storyteller photographer and world-traveler Sandi Wheaton? Well listen up – ’cause here they are in full voice and beauty!

Congratulations again to Storyteller Danah, our Master Mouth Piece! And thank you to all the storytellers: Alice, Cheryl, Collin, Melissa, Tracey, Abriel and Judy. Click here to see photos from the event…

photo 1


We’re working  hard on the Love edition and the Road edition…coming soon!


Introducing Lauren! Our podcast guru!!

Everyone, please welcome Lauren!!


Lauren has joined the Mouth Piece team as our official podcast guru! I’m so grateful! Heaven knows I need as much support on this end as possible! We’re working on the podcast for the Home for the Holidaze edition…and the Love edition should be done soon after that! Things should run a bit smoother now that Lauren has the reigns.

Thank you Lauren!! You rock, girl!