The Music Edition – Podcast Posted!


Thank you to our podcast guru Lauren – we are now up to date on posting all the podcasts from each of our Mouth Piece Storytelling events!

The Music Edition (and our 1 year anniversary bash!) was held on June 30, 2016 at Phog Lounge featuring local musicians and a load of brave storytellers! Our winner, Master Mouth Piece Jodi will be competing at our Master Mouth -Off today!


Storyteller Jodi – our Music Master Mouth Piece!

We are in the middle of figuring out the best way to host our podcasts, so if you click on the link and have an issue, know that we’re working on it!

Listen up!



Mouth Piece – The Road Edition Podcast Posted!


We’re happy to deliver our fifth episode of our podcast – The Road Edition! Featuring storytellers sharing stories about their ‘road’…trips, education, partnerships. We’ve all traveled down many a winding road! Listen up to hear our stories!

If you’d like a refresher on what went down at our Road Edition – Please CLICK HERE!

Congratulations to our Road Edition Master Mouth Piece – Storyteller Nathanya! She will be competing at the Master Mouth-Off on Sunday, December 4th, 2016! 


Storyteller Nathanya working her magic! Photo: Katie Hawkins

CLICK HERE to hear our Road Edition Podcast! Thank you to our sound engineer and show designer – Lauren Hedges!

*The show is on Soundcloud!

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Podcast Update (Again) – Slowly but Surely

photo 1

So, I got a little over-excited the last time I worked on the podcast. Surrounded by fancy new equipment and a hot husband whose suggestions I did NOT heed, (#stubborn #doingitmyway #fail) I recorded a bunch of stuff that I won’t be using. I sound like I’m thinking and grasping for the next word…you can hear it, I swear. And that doesn’t make for good podcasting.

photo 2

Some things I have to get used to:

a) The sound of my voice. I sound like I’m seven years old. Okay, eight – maybe. It’s hard to hear myself and not blush and feel silly. I’ll get over it, but it’s taking getting used to!

b) Writing stuff out first is KEY. Yes, I know what I want to say, and I thought I was good enough to just put on the head phones and give it to the microphone, but I’m not. And that’s okay. Homegirl needs to write stuff down first – and read it. It’s in the reading that the love and *ahem* storytelling will shape the podcast.

photo 2

c) Writing from the heart (which I’m pretty comfortable doing!) is key to great copy. I found that sitting at the kitchen table with Miller across from me made for the perfect environment for writing.

photo 1


d) I have to give myself TIME to do this and do it well. I think because I’ve been listening to radio shows and podcasts so often, it feels they are simple and smooth to make. Well, I’m thinkin’ now that it’s because of the time, effort, great writing and patience that these shows sound so good, and feel so effortless to make.

And so, my goal to have this podcast complete by August 10th was not met. I shall aim for a new goal of having it ready for the next Mouth Piece event on September 10th. It’ll get smoother the more I make, I get it. #benicetoyourself

photo 4photo 3It helps getting beautiful art and messages from Miller to help me along the way!

Thanks for your patience everyone!


The Podcast Update


So, it’s the end of July and I’m still working on getting the podcast from our Mouth Piece Kick-Off Mouth-Off event. #yikes

The good news is mama did some shopping and purchased some fancy gear for the next event (Thursday, September 10th, 2015!), and to help me make the podcast part of Mouth Piece as successful as the live events. I’m looking very forward to learning how to edit, record, insert music…and do all the fun things it takes to make a fabulous podcast that you’ll not only want to listen to, but that you’ll download and keep – and tell your friends to download and keep!

For inspiration, I’m listening to Definitely Not the Opera (one of my fav CBC radio shows), The Beginning of the End (WDET’s newest storytelling show hosted by the fabulous Alex Trajano) and Homemade Stories (Shannon Cason’s podcast).

I’ve got the fancy doodads, the computer system…now, I have to find the time and patience to learn and get.her.done.


Headphones – a necessary tool for both the live and podcast show. microphones

Get ready to speak into a fancy new microphone, y’all. (I get to use it too to record intros/etc. for the podcast.)stand

My very own mic stand and cables! gear

All thanks to Long & McQuade – the music store with the mostess.vanheadphonesThis is me trying to look all cool as I listen to music and try to find the right theme music for Mouth Piece.

Thanks for your patience all. The podcast will up soon!

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for the next Mouth Piece live event at Rino’s Kitchen! It’s still and forever will be FREE. So start thinking of your ‘Food’ related stories. #yum Show starts at 7:30pm SHARP. (whoa, I almost typed shart. That’s just wrong.)