The Childhood Edition Re-Cap and Important News about MPS 2018!


The Childhood edition of Mouth Piece Storytelling was Cabbage Patch doll-sniffing awesome! We gathered together on a mild December evening to share stories about our childhoods. By golly is that ever a vast and wild place where stories live! With an inspiring start by Guest Storyteller Janice Smith and musical power by Guest musician Allison Brown (that’s with two ‘L’s not one!), five storytellers braved the Villains’ stage and had us laughing, gaffawing, shocked and stunned!

Guest Storyteller Janice Smith shared several childhood stories! She was passionate, funny and inspiring!

To get our storytelling juices flowing, musician Allison Brown, who tells incredible stories in her songwriting and singing, also shared personal stories about her musical life.

Singer/songwriter Allison Brown. What a talent!

Thank you to the five storytellers who took to the stage to travel back in time to their childhood’s to share stories:

Storyteller Ian.


Storyteller Mike.

Storyteller Melissa.


Storyteller Eric.


Storyteller Jodi.

Our eager and supportive audience cast their heartfelt votes and the Master Mouth Piece for the Childhood Edition is:


Ian, the bartender at Villains, has braved the stage at several events, but this time – he WON!

Thank you to everyone who shared a story and to our wonderful audience who continues to show up, participate, spread the word, and support storytelling!

The Childhood Edition was the season (2017) closer. We ended the year with a beautiful bang! Though we had less events this year than previously, we ended up with the same amount of Master Mouth Pieces who will compete in our grand Master Mouth-Off this year.

Here’s what’s going to be a bit different though…

This year, at least in the beginning, we will not be having any competitions. We are awaiting the call for the next Arts, Culture & Heritage Fund grants to open so we can apply for a grant to plan and have our Master Mouth-Off.  Because we are a small team (sometimes only one!), we need to take some time to plan our big event and plan it well. We are always looking for sponsors, which would help tremendously in the frequency of events, so if you know a company who you think would be happy to donate or sponsor Mouth Piece Storytelling, please let us know!

In the meantime, we’ll be preparing for the grant, writing and submitting the grant, then planning our Master Mouth-Off. We do appreciate your patronage and support thus far – we are not ending (NEVER!), but we’re taking a bit of time to prep for our grand event.

To give you a timeframe, the ACHF grant closes March 2018 – so that means we’ll hear about whether or not we get the grant after that – which also means that our Master Mouth-Off will likely happen in April or May.

If you are itching to continue to share your stories and/or get on stage, please check out one or all of the many open mics for music and poetry, for karaoke and more…that happen in our grand city and in Detroit and Ann Arbor.

Toast Open Mic – Poetry @ Phog lounge

Windsor Poetry Slam

Karoake, Open Mics and More! – @ Villains

The Moth Storytelling in Detroit & in Ann Arbor

Interested in knowing who will compete at the Master Mouth-Off? Here are the winning Master Mouth Pieces’!

Storyteller Kristen from our Love Edition

Storyteller Geoff from our Danger Edition

Storyteller Dorothy from our Secrets Edition

Storytellers Peter, Alicia & Geoff (again!) from our Special Flood Edition

Storyteller Ian from our Childhood Edition


Stayed tuned for more information regarding our Master Mouth-Off. It will be held at Villains Baestro.

Please check out our podcast on Soundcloud as well – all stories, all the time!

Thank you for putting your story where you mouth is!


Mouth Piece Storytelling – The Secrets Edition – Master Mouth Piece is…


She is the Master Mouth Piece of our Secrets Edition!

Back Row L-R – Steve, Ian, Dorothy, Geoff Front Row L-R Kate, Vanessa Photo: Lauren Hedges

Congratulations and thank you to all our storytellers! Boy, it’s no secret we had loads of fun!

More photos and fun stuff to follow!


Mouth Piece Storytelling – Two Events in Five Days!

Sheesh, Windsor is a grand city!

Over the next five days, we’ll be having not one but TWO storytelling events!

Here is the first one: Shout Out! 150! A celebration of Stories about Canada! I’ll be hosting this unique event that will showcase a diverse cross-section of storytellers from our community!

Our next Mouth Piece event is on Thursday, June 1 – The Secrets Edition!

Featuring Guest Storyteller Jennifer De la O and Guest Musician Crissi Cochrane!

Both of these events are free!

Here are the Facebook links – let us know you’re coming!

Shout Out! 150 Event

Mouth Piece Storytelling – The Secrets Edition

See you there!

Put Your Story Where Your Mouth Is!

Mouth Piece Storytelling – The Danger Edition in Pictures!

Thank you to photographer Collin Meloche for capturing our incredible ‘Danger’ event at Villains Baestro! It truly was a wild evening -and we have the photos to prove it!

Congratulations again to the Master Mouth Piece Storyteller Geoff! He’s the owner of Villains so we already love him – but certainly adds to his cool factor, now doesn’t it?

Feast your eyes on these…don’t worry, it’s safe!

Thank you to all of our stellar and dangerously awesome storytellers:

Allie, Karen, Adam, Geoff, Jodi, Nick, and Larissa!

And thank you to our Guest Storyteller Craig Pearson, who literally had us crying, laughing, holding our breath, and covering our eyes!

Guest musician Brendan Scott-Friel tore down the house! Playing music from his new album ‘Quiet Cars‘ and getting dangerously close to breaking our hearts with his passionate voice and sick guitar talent.

Join us at our next Mouth Piece event – The Secrets Edition! Thursday, June 1, 2017

THE DANGER EDITION! Thursday, April 20, 2017

This THURSDAY, APRIL 20, 2017 we’re back at Villains Baestro for another edition of Mouth Piece Storytelling! Featuring journalist and writer Craig Pearson (Windsor Star) as our Guest Storyteller, we’re offering you a dangerous treat you’ve not experienced before – a special slide presentation! Craig will WOW and WOO us with his story of living dangerously as a journalist!

This is Craig. He is living dangerously!!

Local musician Brendan Scott Friel will open the show with gorgeous music, some of which may be from his beautiful new album Quiet Cars (that will be for sale!)! If you’d like to live on the edge and check him out before the show, please do so via his Facebook page – you’ll get videos, music and more! Creep away!

Photo credit: Zishan Ali

As per usual, the show starts precisely at 7:30pm! Sign-ups start at 7pm. *News alert* Villains no longer serves food but you can buy from from elsewhere and eat it there. They still serve booze, so there’s that!!

Come on out and share your danger stories, okay? It’ll only hurt a little. Live on the edge. You got this.

The Music Edition – Podcast Posted!


Thank you to our podcast guru Lauren – we are now up to date on posting all the podcasts from each of our Mouth Piece Storytelling events!

The Music Edition (and our 1 year anniversary bash!) was held on June 30, 2016 at Phog Lounge featuring local musicians and a load of brave storytellers! Our winner, Master Mouth Piece Jodi will be competing at our Master Mouth -Off today!


Storyteller Jodi – our Music Master Mouth Piece!

We are in the middle of figuring out the best way to host our podcasts, so if you click on the link and have an issue, know that we’re working on it!

Listen up!




Sweet goodness I know it’s taken three forevers to get these podcasts up and posted, but by golly, we’re on a roll!

Here is Mouth Piece Storytelling – The Love Edition!

The Love Edition took place on Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2015 at The Foundry Pub with special Guest Storyteller John Wing.

Click here for a blog post with photos about the incredible night!

The Master Mouth Piece for the Love Edition was Storyteller Natasha!


She will be competing at our Master Mouth-Off event on Sunday, December 4th, 2o16.

Please settle in and listen to our podcast for the Love Edition!

Click here for the Love Edition podcast! This podcast is posted via Soundcloud.

Thank you to our podcast guru Miss Lauren!


Mouth Piece Master Mouth Off – Date and Guest Storytellers Confirmed!

Mark your calendars people.

The Mouth Piece Storytelling Master Mouth-Off has landed!

Featuring our six glorious winning Master Mouth Pieces, and – THIS JUST IN! – two Guest Storytellers who have traveled the globe sharing stories….ba-da-da-dummmmmm!

Satori Shakoor and Dameon Wilburn!


Dameon Wilburn. Photo from The Moth.


Satori Shakoor. Photo by: Allan Leschinsky

We just featured Satori on our site to give you some insight on her. (So your skin can start getting goosebumps now). Dameon’s interview is in the works.

Mark your calendar for Sunday, December 4th, 2016

7pm – 11pm @ The Rondo!

Sooooo excited!

More to come…

Mouth Piece Storytelling – A Much Needed Update!


Ah…it’s August already! Our apologies for being all quiet on the Mouth Piece front! Here’s what’s been going on…


June 30 – The Music Edition – was a complete and utter success! Held at Phog, we had full house, fabulous music, delicious cupcakes, and outstanding stories! I have loads of photos that I still need to post! Our Master Mouth Piece is Storyteller Jodi!

The next Mouth Piece event should take place in September…except…our host (that’s me!) is launching her new book of poetry and beginning a small but mighty book tour. Therefore, the choice has been made to not have another Mouth Piece event in September, and to wait until the Master Mouth Off event that will happen in early December. It is possible to have this event, however, it would add to an already packed and stressful month for our host, and likely, for everyone who will have wrapped up a hot summer and will be heading back to school, getting kids back to school, and/or feeling the heaviness and quiet joy at another season change.

The Master Mouth Off will be our first ever storytelling competition where the Master Mouth Pieces of the past year will compete for grand prizes. Over the next couple of months, much planning will go into this event to make it outstanding for all.


This has been the most challenging part for us! In keeping with our commitment to recording each show live and creating podcasts for digital safe-keeping of all the stories until the end of time (!), which we have done, we still are behind in getting the podcasts produced and posted. It will become our main focus during the rest of the summer to complete the remaining three shows that need to get to podcast. Without a September event, we will use our time and energy to get these podcasts finished.


There are four incredible storytelling events that take place monthly just across that green-golden river in Michigan. Please stay connected to them and scoot over to attend and/or participate in any of these story telling events.

  1. The Moth – happens the first Thursday of every month at The Marble Bar. Hosted by Alex Trajano and produced by Patricia Wheeler of WDET, this is an outstanding story telling series that is a hot, hot ticket. It also takes place in Ann Arbor, hosted by the great Satori Shakoor, on the third Tuesday of every month at Circus.
  2. Homemade Stories with Shannon Cason – happens the last Monday of every month at Cliff Bell‘s in downtown Detroit. You’ve met him. You’ve heard his stories. Now join him in his storytelling series at Cliff Bell’s!
  3. The Secret Society of Twisted Storytellers – created and hosted by Satori Shakoor, this storytelling gift happens at various locations and times – and is always incredible!
  4. For local juiciness, I suggest going to a Windsor Poetry Slam event. Windsor’s Poetry Slam team is incredibly impressive, passionate, emotional and downright entertaining.

Thank you again for support and participation…and your beautiful patience!

The AM800 Radio Interview – Listen Now!


I had a super conversation this morning with Mike and Leah on AM800 about tonight’s Mouth Piece Storytelling – The Music Edition! Thanks to super quick technology, they’ve already sent me the link of our little chat!

Listen to the interview by clicking here!

Once again, thank you to the AM800 team, Mike, Leah and everyone who is rarin’ to perform and share stories tonight at Phog Lounge!

Tom McWilliams, Nadine Deleury, Dom Carlone, DJ Cameron, Dan McDonald…and maybe even little old me…We’re super pumped to knock your musical socks off!

Cheers to Windsor Family Dentistry for being our special Music Edition  Sponsor!


See you tonight!