Sweet goodness I know it’s taken three forevers to get these podcasts up and posted, but by golly, we’re on a roll!

Here is Mouth Piece Storytelling – The Love Edition!

The Love Edition took place on Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2015 at The Foundry Pub with special Guest Storyteller John Wing.

Click here for a blog post with photos about the incredible night!

The Master Mouth Piece for the Love Edition was Storyteller Natasha!


She will be competing at our Master Mouth-Off event on Sunday, December 4th, 2o16.

Please settle in and listen to our podcast for the Love Edition!

Click here for the Love Edition podcast! This podcast is posted via Soundcloud.

Thank you to our podcast guru Miss Lauren!


Mouth Piece – The Love Edition – Photos!

Our apologies for taking a bit longer than usual to post these wonderful photos taken by the talented Emma Truswell of Blush Photos, but here they are! (It’s my fault, by the way, Emma gave me the photos a few days after the event! I’ve been busy!!)

I can still feel the powerful words of all the brave storytellers who shared at our Love Event…sticking to me like the best kind of smooth skin cream! Let’s let the photos tell a story now, shall we?

It’s  important to set the scene! Finding things to show ‘love’ was a fun endeavour. We tried out a new ‘sharing’ system – anonymous love notes – and it was a hit! Definitely going to continue this extra way of telling stories.

Your hostess-with-the-mostess Vanessa (that’s me!) gets things started. (Her/my sincerest apologies for the slew of bad words that proceeded to come out of my mouth during the show! I’ll work on that.)

Guest Storyteller John Wing (aka. comedian extraordinaire, and published poet! His new book of poetry ‘I’ll Be There Soon’ launches on April 5th! Details here!) shared the story of how he met his wife. Picture comedy shows, long drives, deserted hotels, dirty bedsheets…and true love in the making! Thank you John!

For the first time, we had 10 (yahoo!) brave people who shared their stories. Our goal is to have ten storytellers a show, so I hope we can keep the numbers up! Whether you were in the audience or on the stage though, you could feel the powerful love emanating from each storyteller!

Here are the Love Edition storytellers!


The first one up, Karen shared the story of how her hubby proposed. In the backyard. After he peed! 


There are lessons to be learned from fish. Love lessons.


Note to self: hanging out in front of the place the person you like works…might not be the best way to get her to like you.


Natasha said what we all need to hear – that our love story with our selves is truly the most important. Thank you Natasha.


One’s history, and the storytellers within it, can set a course of action in our lives. That’s what Bryan’s story taught us.


On saying ‘I love you’. Storyteller Sam shared a story filled with wisdom about the first time someone told her he loved…and, goats. There were goats in this story.


Featuring an ex-girlfriend…and a cat. Was there a goat in this story too?


His was a broken heart love story. A necessary story on the theme of love. Thanks for being courageous and sharing Hani! (He was super nervous!!) *He also writer for The Lance student newspaper and wrote a fabulous article about the event! Double thank you Hani!)


Storyteller Ashley told a Tinder story. Ah, Tinder. There were bus drivers and exes…and certainly adventures!


Love is love. That was Storyteller Benny’s main message. He made us laugh (bathroom in a gay bar experience), and he made us think deeply and shed a tear.





Natasha won a fancy prize, and will move on to the Master Mouth Off later this year.

It’s true, we all have love stories, and these storytellers really opened their hearts to us. We are grateful! Everyone was so loving – the storytellers, the audience, the bar staff…It was truly a magical night. That’s the magic of storytelling, and why Mouth Piece exists. Let’s keep this love a flowin’! See you at the next event! Thank you the Foundry Pub family (we loved you so much, we’re going back for the next Mouth Piece!), DJ Cam, Emma and Ken, Nick,and my family,Suede (our sponsor!), and to our special sponsor Spotvin Creative!

Thanks Snapd Windsor for covering the ‘Love Edition’https://windsor.snapd.com/event/919904

Thank you photographer Lauryn Bodde from Snapd Windsor for taking pics at our Mouth Piece the ‘Love Edition’! We appreciate your time and media support! #snapdwindsorrules!

Here’s the link!!

Don’t forget, our next Mouth Piece event in honour of National Poetry Month, ‘The Road’ is coming up on Monday, April 11 at The Foundry! Looking forward to hearing your stories about your journeys!

See you there!


Mouth Piece Storytelling – The Love Edition – Photos to Come!

The truth is I’m still feeling the love and emotion that exploded at Mouth Piece Storytelling – The Love Edition. From John Wing’s heartfelt and honest ‘how-I-met-my-wife’ story to goats and cats to self-love and Tinder (and everything in between!) the event was truly extraordinary!

Our gracious photographer Emma (check out her website here!) is working on all the photos she took. As soon as I get them, I’ll post them to the site!

The Master Mouth Piece of the Love Edition is storyteller Natasha G! Telling a comedic yet completely moving story about self-love, Natasha captured and squeezed all of our hearts!


Photo taken from Natasha’s FB!

In the meantime, here are a few photos that I found. If you have photos you’d like to share, please send them to shieldsvanessa@gmail.com and I’ll get them here on the site!

cam MP Love

DJ Cam working his musical magic.

This was our first time at The Foundry Pub. It’s a match made in heaven! I hope that we can continue to hold our Mouth Piece events here!


Hosting makes me feel alive. And the Love edition – the storytellers and their stories – was a spiritual awakening for all of us! Host included!

One of the main reasons I started Mouth Piece Storytelling is because I believe that we each have stories to tell – but it goes deeper than that. As human beings who are born to  live and love, it’s a necessary human act of being to want to share our stories. That Mouth Piece can offer a theme, a stage, and an audience that is supportive and loving, means that there’s a space for storytellers to experience that deep connection to their history, to themselves and to the humans in the room!

The stories shared at the Love Edition were extraordinary. The energy in the air was magical and unconditional. I’m grateful for everyone who came to share and support. Thank you!
For the first time in Mouth Piece Storytelling history, we hit our 10-storyteller goal! As well, each storyteller was a first-time Mouth Piece participant. Let’s make that happen again, shall we? Thank you to all ten brave, beautiful, honest storytellers! We love you!

photo 2

I was given this napkin quote at the end of the show! So perfect! What a proud moment!

Our next Mouth Piece Storytelling event is Monday, April 11, 2016. (Location TBA…with hopes that it’ll be at The Foundry Pub again!) The theme is ‘The Road’ – in honour of National Poetry Month (which has the same theme!). More details to come, but you should know that our Guest Storytellers represent the three main poetry collections in Windsor: Toast Open Mic, Windsor Poetry Slam and Free Verse. I’m so damn pumped to get this trifecta of poetic bliss together under one roof!


As a reminder, all Mouth Piece Storytelling events are sound recorded. We are editing our December and February shows currently. Thanks for your patience regarding the podcasts!

John Wing at CBC Windsor Morning! On Poetry, Love & Storytelling!

photo 2Our early morning trip to the snazzy new CBC Windsor Morning Show was a grand success! John made everyone laugh – a great thing to wake up to!

Thanks again to the Windsor Morning team who so tirelessly continue to promote local events – including our sweet little storytelling series!


I wasn’t in the studio this time…but doesn’t mean the experience wasn’t selfie -worthy!


John’s so comfortable in-studio! I think he’s done this before!


Indeed, everyone gets an itchy nose! Host Tony D was, as usual, engaged in a wonderful conversation about poetry, love, comedy and storytelling! Thanks Tony!

Here’s a link to the segment on the radio!

John Wing on CBC Windsor Morning

Thanks for all your support Windsor! We’ll see you tonight at the big LOVE event!



John Wing – He’s A Poet Too! Details on Book Launch!

Comedian John Wing, the upcoming Guest Storyteller at the ‘Love’ edition Mouth Piece event on February 23 is getting another book of poetry published in April 2016! Indeed, he’s a funny man for his job, but his soul is pure poet. Here to tell you about his forthcoming book as well as two other books that are launching the same day as John’s is a special guest post from the teams in the Editing & Publishing Practicum at the University of Windsor – the powerful people behind the scenes who help bring these books to life! Details about the triple book launch is below! You can have a chance to meet the students at our Mouth Piece event!

Written by Maggie Chan, Emily Anderson and Laura Mulrooney

For the past 10 years, students at the University of Windsor have been able to participate in a unique editing and publishing practicum offered through the Department of English Language, Literature, and Creative Writing with Marty Gervais, who subsequently publishes the books with his publishing company, Black Moss Press. The special guest for this month’s Mouth Piece event, John Wing, will be releasing his latest book through the practicum this April alongside local author Mary Ann Mulhern and University of Windsor English professor André Narbonne. Here’s a sneak peek at what these books are all about!

I’ll Be There Soon by John Wing

You’ve seen him on stage, but have you really heard the man behind the microphone? America’s Got Talent 2013 semifinalist John Wing is a comedian who shares his jokes on stage and shares his emotions and experiences through poetry. He started in small-town Sarnia and made his way to big-time Los Angeles. He’s previously been published by Black Moss Press with his 2014 collection of poetry, Why-Shaped Scars. His next book of poetry, I’ll Be There Soon, will be published April 5th, 2016.

This book is a behind-the-scenes account into John Wing’s life. From childhood stories to parenting experiences, this book has a lifetime of memories. In this book, you will find a collection of poems entitled “Selective Memory,” which will bring you from the beginning to the end of the book while encompassing the themes found throughout. John shares his feelings through his own memories and those of his sisters, while relating it back to his life. These stories, while specific to John’s life, are relatable to many different people, as they are a part of growing up.

Everyone has their own unique experience growing up, but there is always one thing in common: the journey. Life is a journey, but is anyone really sure of their destination? The uncertainties and questions we ask about life are present in I’ll Be There Soon. The journey of life eventually ends, and John shares stories of friends and family around him passing away while relating the situation back to himself in ways that people can sympathize with. We all wonder where our lives will bring us, and this book shows where life brings John and many others that impacted him. The questions never end, even when we arrive at a destination in our journey. John shares stories of his career and adult life in his book, while sharing thoughts many experience day-to-day. We’re always questioning and doubting ourselves.

What if? is a question people can never escape. John Wing takes his larger-than-life personality and translates it from the stage to the page. Come see for yourself as John pulls back the curtains and puts on a different kind of show in his newest book, I’ll Be There Soon.


The Winglings! The students on John’s team!


Social Media Info for John’s new book.

How We Fare by Mary Ann Mulhern

Rape. Murder. School shootings. Plane crashes. Child brides.

But not as you know them.

The Headliners editorial team of Black Moss Press are proud to present Mary Ann Mulhern’s newest book, How We Fare, a poetry collection that takes yesterday’s forgotten news and revives it, making it relevant today and tomorrow. This unique compilation employs poetry as a vehicle to introduce intricate perspectives to some of the lasting images seen in recent news events and issues within the last several years.

By taking on a human interest point of view to the news, Mary Ann is breaking poetic boundaries in a way that has never been done before. As a celebrated author from Windsor, Ontario, who is no stranger to shedding light on controversial subject matter, her powerfully poignant poetry gives a renewed vitality to the news that saturates our conscience on a daily basis. As such, this book is not strictly limited to poetry lovers; regardless of who you are and what you read, there is no doubt that you have heard or seen with piqued curiosity the headlines and trending topics happening around the world.

Behind every story is another one waiting to be discovered. Thus, we invite you to join Mary Ann as she unfolds headlines to foster a greater awareness and understanding of the world we live in and the lives we are quick to forget.


The students on team Headliners – with Mary Ann Mulhern (black and white dress) in the centre!


Social Media for Mary Ann’s book.

Twelve Miles to Midnight by André Narbonne

Twelve Miles to Midnight, set for release on April 5th of 2016, is a novel in short stories that begins on a midnight road heading north from disaster and travels to the docks of Halifax and along the Eastern seaboard. Narbonne is a former marine engineer who, from an insider’s perspective, writes stories that range from realistic tales to sometimes romantic fables, setting his chapters in isolated mining towns, sailors’ bars, Cape Breton fishing villages, and onboard oil tankers off Newfoundland.

Twelve Miles to Midnight reads as a novel, but each story can stand alone. Narbonne’s world is vivid, fraught with chance that is both dangerous and restorative. Writing with a distinctive voice and a poet’s sensibility, he writes characters with compassion and heartbreaking honesty, and from them, we learn that human connection is necessary in times of adversity.

Twelve Miles to Midnight observes how ordinary people in extreme situations are able to hope in the midst of numbing change; how sometimes in a world turned upside down we need to let go of love, and sometimes we need to hold on. From these stories, we are reminded that through love and through loss “everything stays with us in some form.” Stories in this collection have won the David Adams Richards Prize (2008), and the Atlantic Writing Contest (1998), and placed in the Prairie Fire’s short story contest (2014), and Storyteller Magazine’s Great Canadian Short Story Contest (2006).


Writer Andre Narbonne.


Andre’s team.

The 2015-2016 Editing and Publishing Practicum class at the University of Windsor alongside Black Moss Press are excited to release these books at their practicum’s official book launch, A Journey Through the Pages, taking place at the Water’s Edge Event Centre (2879 Riverside Drive East) on Tuesday, April 5, 2016 from 7-10pm. It will be a celebratory event meant to be a culmination and celebration of the students’ efforts over the course of the year. We invite you to join the class and the general public in what is sure to be a fantastic evening of engaging live readings by the books’ authors set in the stunning Water’s Edge Grande Ballroom to enjoy the fruits of the students’ labour to celebrate the very best of Windsor’s local writing talent and efforts to promote its continued dedication to the creative arts.

Thanks teams! We hope to see everyone at The Love Edition of Mouth Piece!



The Hub Windsor Essex Writes a Story about Mouth Piece!



A very Mouth Piece thank you goes to writer Eva Antonel and The Hub family for writing a story about Mouth Piece in the most recent edition of their online publication! Yahoo! We love it when the community shares our storytelling passion!

Click here to read the story on pages 8-9!

We’ll see you at the next Mouth Piece event – The Love Edition!