Our season opener is just under a month away! We’re super excited to get back into it – and with the them of LOVE…what better way to revive our storytelling chops! We’re headed back to where it all began at Villains Bistro in downtown Windsor. Thursday, February 16, 2017 – show starts at 7:30pm SHARP! Like a arrow to a heart, baby.

And we’re ecstatic to announce our special Sponsor for this event: Renaud Partners LLP!


Since we all fell in LOVE with storyteller Daemon Wilburn at our Master Mouth Off Event, she’s back to woo us with a story about love.

This season, we’re adding a music element to all of our shows, so be prepared to hear some fantastic music before, during and after our storytelling! Please stick around! Our first musical guest is Carmel Liburdi, a fiery folksinger from Detroit.

Tell everyone! And get your Love Story ready.

Things to share a story about…

anything you LOVE – people, a book, a song, a food, a job, a pet, a place, an action (ex. I love to brush my hair…here’s why) – any all things that have to do with YOU and LOVE – we know there are stories there! Be sure your stories are UNDER 5 MINUTES. Sign-up waivers will be available on site. Food and drinks a plenty at Villains.

Will YOU be the first Master Mouth Piece of 2017?

With love…yours Mouth Piece Storytelling!


A heartfelt thank you and congratulations go out to all our competing storytellers who braved the stage at The Rondo and shared their souls at our First Annual Master Mouth-Off!


Here she is! Our first Master Mouth-Off Winner – Storyteller Jodi!


What a thrill it was to hand Storyteller Jodi the Master Mouth-Off microphone trophy! She is our first Master Mouth Off Winner – and she won our hearts again!

The evening was all that I hoped it would be – we had a full-house audience, entertaining and heart-felt stories followed by incredible live music!

Feast your eyes on the photos that show what I’m talking about! Thank you to our photographer, Lauren Hedges!

The evening’s stories began with a song. Guest Storyteller Satori Shakoor (not Shakira! #insidejoke) opened her mouth and let out a stirring, soulful, powerful anthemic prayer that had us all barely breathing and tearing up. She spoke of her journey into the life of an artist storyteller, and how she holds her passion and power for change on her sleeve right there beside her glowing heart.

Our competing storytellers were all nervous! Each of them did an outstanding job – those nerves didn’t win! The first storyteller was Joe who shared a very personal growing-up story about his family trips to Ottawa for the holidays. Joe shared with a courage that brought tears to our eyes. Thank you Joe!

Next up was storyteller Nathanya. Nathanya’s story was short and sweet, well-crafted, humourous and quite lovely. Her theme was Love. Storyteller Danah shared a holiday story about her scented licence, raw tarts and playdough filled gravy!

Guest Storyteller Dameon Wilburn had us gasping for air we were laughing so hard at her story about ‘Dark Vadar’. Both Dame and Satori took the stage and!

Storytellers Jodi and Natasha rounded out our evening of stories, and shined a light on how human emotions – love, fear, and self-love – can move us to be our best.

In the end, our judges chose Storyteller Jodi as the first annual Master Mouth-Off Winner!

After a quick staging switch, the Soul Delegation blew the roof of the Rondo with their covers of hit funk songs by the greats like Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye. Indeed, we could not control our dancing!

Thank you again to the ACHF grant, the Rondo family, our sound guru Scott, Lauren, DJ Cam, the Soul Delegation, Satori, Dameon, our storytellers and all their family and friends, and to our long-standing, couldn’t-do-this-without-you sponsor Suede Productions.

Stay tuned for the podcast of this first annual Master Mouth -off, and details about our forthcoming shows!



Season Opener – Date and Theme Announced!


Our first competition of the season is on Thursday, February 16, 2017 on the theme of LOVE! Featuring Guest Storyteller Dameon Wilburn (we’re bringing her back!) and Guest Musician Carmel Liburdi

Following this, on Thursday, April 20, 2017 we welcome Windsor Star journalist and writer Craig Pearson to the stage as our Guest Storyteller on the theme of DANGER! 

Both events will take place at Villains Bistro in downtown Windsor. Mouth Piece Storytelling is a free storytelling event! Thank you to our forever sponsor Suede Productions!

Please mark your calendars! Don’t miss either of these events – be sure to think about your LOVE and DANGER stories – all true! – and share them with us!

Wondering how this works? CLICK HERE to find out how to storytell!

Stay connected and we’ll be updating with info about our musical guest for Danger edition!

If you are interested in being a musical guest, please contact me at!

Thank you – and may you Put Your Story Where Your Mouth Is!




PLEASE join us at our First Annual Master Mouth-Off Event! We welcome to the stage the Master Mouth Piece’s from 2015 Greg, Joe, Danah, Nathasha, Nathanya and Jodi!


Greg (unfortunately, Greg cannot participate this time! Next time?!)

Storyteller Joe tells a story about two turkeys - the one he kept and the one that got away.

Storyteller Joe tells a story about two turkeys – the one he kept and the one that got away.


Storyteller Danah – what does your license smell like?


Natasha – our lover!





So, here’s how it’s going work on the night. Our Master Mouth Piece’s will have five minutes to tell a story using ONE of the following themes: Books, Food, Home for the Holidaze, Love, The Road, Music (the themes we had for last year’s competitions). Our Guest Storytellers Satori Shakoor and Dameon Wilburn, as well as some local guests, will be our judges, and vote on a Grand Master Mouth Piece. There will be a surprise prize for our winners, cash prizes for all the Master Mouth Pieces, and more!

We will be serenaded by local funk band the Soul Delegation, and resident Mouth Piece DJ Cam will spin us into a dancing frenzy. This is not a black tie event, but the Rondo will be fancied up with tables and lighting, and we hope to create a snazzy atmosphere for this first annual event.

As per our mission, this event is FREE! It will also be sound recorded and put to podcast.

This Master Mouth-Off is only for Master Mouth Piece’s and the Guest Storytellers in terms of storytelling. So, you dear audience member, get to sit back, relax and enjoy the show! We will be announcing the next THREE Mouth Piece Storytelling regular season competition teams and dates so you can start thinking about your stories and participation!

Thank you again for all your support over the last year! We look very forward to seeing you at our first annual Master Mouth-Off event!

We are Mouth Piece Storytelling – Put Your Story Where Your Mouth Is!


FB: MouthpieceStorytelling

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Mouth Piece Master Mouth Off – Date and Guest Storytellers Confirmed!

Mark your calendars people.

The Mouth Piece Storytelling Master Mouth-Off has landed!

Featuring our six glorious winning Master Mouth Pieces, and – THIS JUST IN! – two Guest Storytellers who have traveled the globe sharing stories….ba-da-da-dummmmmm!

Satori Shakoor and Dameon Wilburn!


Dameon Wilburn. Photo from The Moth.


Satori Shakoor. Photo by: Allan Leschinsky

We just featured Satori on our site to give you some insight on her. (So your skin can start getting goosebumps now). Dameon’s interview is in the works.

Mark your calendar for Sunday, December 4th, 2016

7pm – 11pm @ The Rondo!

Sooooo excited!

More to come…

Celebrity Judging for Rotary StorySlam!

This is hot off the press…

I’ll be a celebrity (teeheee!!) judge at the Windsor/St.Clair Rotary’s Story Slam. The theme is Serendipity – and isn’t it totally serendipitous that the Guest Host is none other than the completely fabulous Dameon Wilburn! I just shared The Moth stage with her earlier this month when we both shared a story about ‘movies’. Dameon won the competition with a stomach-breakingly hilarious story about Dark (Black) Vader. Amazing! Be sure to come on out for the exciting event!


Author Shields to Judge Rotary Story Slam


Windsor – Author and host of Mouth Piece Storytelling Vanessa Shields will be featured as a celebrity judge for the Rotary Club of Windsor –St. Clair’s upcoming Story Slam.


“Storytelling is at the heart of all wonderful human interaction,” says Shields. “Sharing stories is a necessity! It teaches us love, patience, wisdom and, of course, helps us laugh. It’s an honour to be a judge at the Rotary StorySlam.”


Shields’ first book, Laughing Through A Second Pregnancy – A Memoir, was published by Black Moss Press in 2011 to rave reviews.   I Am That Woman, her first book of poetry, was published in January 2014.  Her poetry, short stories and photography have been published in various literary magazines. She mentors, guest speaks and teaches creative writing, and launched her Mouth Piece series in June, 2015.


“We are so excited to have Vanessa as a celebrity judge for this event,” says John Weese, President of Rotary Club of Windsor St. Clair.   “She has also agreed to kick of the evening by sharing a story of her own.  Having had Vanessa as a guest speaker at our Club, we know we will be delighted and entertained.”


This event will be held on Saturday, March 5, 2016 at Raindance Arts Centre, 716 Pelissier.  Guests can enjoy dinner and the show for $40 beginning at 6:30pm, or attend the show only for $10 beginning at 8:00pm.  Tickets are available online at   Those who wish to compete should prepare a true, five-minute story about themselves that relate to the theme of Serendipity.  At the event, ten people will randomly be chosen to tell their story in five minutes.


“It’s a passion of mine to tell and listen to stories,” Shields adds.  “I can’t wait to experience how serendipity has touched the lives of the storytellers!”


Rotary is the world’s largest service organization with 1.2 million members.  The Rotary Club of Windsor St. Clair is comprised of about 35 members from around the Essex region dedicated to improving our local and worldwide communities by undertaking projects to address hunger, health, literacy, promote physical activity, and provide support to the financially disadvantaged in our community.  Some of the club’s projects include the Ganatchio Trail, the region’s first boundary-free playground in the Town of Tecumseh, the Rotary Roundabout at Manning Road, Wake Up Windsor/Get a Working Smoke Alarm, and RELAY, which has built and refurbished five schools in Africa.

Media Contact:                 Danielle Breault Stuebing

Public Relations Officer


John Weese