The Childhood Edition Re-Cap and Important News about MPS 2018!


The Childhood edition of Mouth Piece Storytelling was Cabbage Patch doll-sniffing awesome! We gathered together on a mild December evening to share stories about our childhoods. By golly is that ever a vast and wild place where stories live! With an inspiring start by Guest Storyteller Janice Smith and musical power by Guest musician Allison Brown (that’s with two ‘L’s not one!), five storytellers braved the Villains’ stage and had us laughing, gaffawing, shocked and stunned!

Guest Storyteller Janice Smith shared several childhood stories! She was passionate, funny and inspiring!

To get our storytelling juices flowing, musician Allison Brown, who tells incredible stories in her songwriting and singing, also shared personal stories about her musical life.

Singer/songwriter Allison Brown. What a talent!

Thank you to the five storytellers who took to the stage to travel back in time to their childhood’s to share stories:

Storyteller Ian.


Storyteller Mike.

Storyteller Melissa.


Storyteller Eric.


Storyteller Jodi.

Our eager and supportive audience cast their heartfelt votes and the Master Mouth Piece for the Childhood Edition is:


Ian, the bartender at Villains, has braved the stage at several events, but this time – he WON!

Thank you to everyone who shared a story and to our wonderful audience who continues to show up, participate, spread the word, and support storytelling!

The Childhood Edition was the season (2017) closer. We ended the year with a beautiful bang! Though we had less events this year than previously, we ended up with the same amount of Master Mouth Pieces who will compete in our grand Master Mouth-Off this year.

Here’s what’s going to be a bit different though…

This year, at least in the beginning, we will not be having any competitions. We are awaiting the call for the next Arts, Culture & Heritage Fund grants to open so we can apply for a grant to plan and have our Master Mouth-Off.  Because we are a small team (sometimes only one!), we need to take some time to plan our big event and plan it well. We are always looking for sponsors, which would help tremendously in the frequency of events, so if you know a company who you think would be happy to donate or sponsor Mouth Piece Storytelling, please let us know!

In the meantime, we’ll be preparing for the grant, writing and submitting the grant, then planning our Master Mouth-Off. We do appreciate your patronage and support thus far – we are not ending (NEVER!), but we’re taking a bit of time to prep for our grand event.

To give you a timeframe, the ACHF grant closes March 2018 – so that means we’ll hear about whether or not we get the grant after that – which also means that our Master Mouth-Off will likely happen in April or May.

If you are itching to continue to share your stories and/or get on stage, please check out one or all of the many open mics for music and poetry, for karaoke and more…that happen in our grand city and in Detroit and Ann Arbor.

Toast Open Mic – Poetry @ Phog lounge

Windsor Poetry Slam

Karoake, Open Mics and More! – @ Villains

The Moth Storytelling in Detroit & in Ann Arbor

Interested in knowing who will compete at the Master Mouth-Off? Here are the winning Master Mouth Pieces’!

Storyteller Kristen from our Love Edition

Storyteller Geoff from our Danger Edition

Storyteller Dorothy from our Secrets Edition

Storytellers Peter, Alicia & Geoff (again!) from our Special Flood Edition

Storyteller Ian from our Childhood Edition


Stayed tuned for more information regarding our Master Mouth-Off. It will be held at Villains Baestro.

Please check out our podcast on Soundcloud as well – all stories, all the time!

Thank you for putting your story where you mouth is!