How To Storytell


  • Be prepared to tell a TRUE STORY based on the event’s theme. (See Events for theme information.)
  • Arrive at least 30 minutes prior to event start time. (And bring all your friends and family!)
  • Fill out a Mouth Piece Storyteller Waiver. Each storyteller must fill out this form in order to participate.
  • Give the form to a Mouth Piece Storyteller Team Member. If your form is picked then you will be asked to come up and tell your story. Ten storytellers will be chosen at each event.
  • Think about your story! You will have 5 minutes to tell your true story. On stage. Into a microphone. While people watch.
  • Your story will be sound recorded and used in a podcast to be streamed on-line (via the website). Mouth Piece will record all stories in an effort to collect and preserve your story for generations to come! EVERY STORY TOLD WILL BE PART OF THE PODCAST! We leave no stories behind.
  • Your story will be judged by audience members.
  • The storyteller with the highest score wins the event and is deemed ‘Master Mouth Piece’ of that event. The Master Mouth Piece moves on to the Master Mouth Piece Storytelling Mouth-Off.


*It takes a brave person to get on stage and share a personal story. We are dedicated to creating a safe, respectful space for this to happen. If you are participating at a Mouth  Piece event as an audience member, please remain quiet and respectful while someone is sharing a story. Take in the love – and listen so you can be the best judge you can be! It’s up to you to let us know who you think is the best storyteller. Your respect is much appreciate! *


5 thoughts on “How To Storytell

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