What Is Mouth Piece Storytelling?


Mouth Piece Storytelling – Put Your Story Where Your Mouth Is is a Windsor/Essex County based storytelling series organized and hosted by local writer Vanessa Shields. This is a series born out of Shields’ love of storytelling and community connectedness. At this point in time, this is a series built on passion and commitment to building a shared experience of storytelling among all citizens with the intention of recording and building a database of stories to keep forever. This is not a non-profit but it is built on the same principles. No one gets paid to tell a story. The payment comes in the joy and vulnerable spirit that lives in sharing true stories.

The goal of Mouth Piece Storytelling is to bring people together in story – all true – told in 5 minute increments of time with a theme to motivate and bring out storytellers of all kinds. This is a competitive series meant to get our storytelling juices flowing in a healthy, community-connectedness way of sharing. While audience members vote to choose the monthly storytelling winner (Master Mouth Piece), the vibe is purely fun, generous and meant to exist in the spirit of keeping our stories alive.

Mouth Piece will take place at a local venue every 1-3 months during its inaugural year, with a Master Mouth Piece Storytelling Tell-Off at the end of the year where storyteller winners from each competition will gather for a storytelling mouth-off.

For more information, please contact Vanessa at shieldsvanessa@gmail.com.

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