L-R: Host, Vanessa Shields, Geoff, Dorothy, Alicia and Krisen.

What a night! A loving and generous and lively audience PACKED Villains Baestro on Friday, September 21 for our annual Master Mouth-Off Event! We had cupcakes, music, stories…it was a night filled with love and laughter.

The incredibly talented (and for hire! @micelitwins) Miceli sisters, Maria and Carolina wooed us with their music and fun stories between songs.

Maria and Carolina Miceli.

Guest storyteller Dame Wilburn, (also the host of Dame’s Eclectic Brain, and an award-winning The Moth storyteller/host), began our storytelling evening with a hilarious story about her adventures in basketball.

Although there were originally six storyteller competing, one of them, Ian, moved to England, and Peter, one of our ‘flood’ winners, was out of country. Peter sent a written story about a very…shifty…mishap with a key that was read to the crowd. Four storytellers were left to share their stories live.

Storyteller Dorothy.

Storyteller Dorothy brought along a prop to share her story about a ‘secret’ that she and her husband kept from their kids. See, they told them the ‘giant fossil’ they found was a dinosaur. Doesn’t it look like one, though?!

Storyteller Kristen.

Storyteller Kristen recounted the story about being stalked by a white van. A very mysterious, slow-moving white van in a dead of a cold winter’s night. She was clad in a snowsuit…and had a pile of Windsor Star papers stuck to her boot!

Still, Storyteller Alicia shared perhaps the most mysterious…and terrifying story about something crawling up her pant leg. Let’s just say, you should never crawl up Alicia’s pant leg, okay? #deathbyhandslap

And the champion storyteller, Geoff, (also the owner of Villains Baestro) shared a story about using condiments to fight off a criminal in a convenience store! Oh boy – who knew mayonnaise could save the day?

A thousand thank-yous to our guest judges, last year’s Master Mouth-Off

Champion Jodi Nelitz, and local storyteller, historian and poet, Teajai Travis.

and the winner is….

Storyteller Geoff! Yahoooo!


Thank you to Michelle for the delicious cupcakes!


The Master Mouth-Off Trophy and prizes.

Thank you also to the City of Windsor Arts, Culture & Heritage Fund for the grant we received to make this event happen!

As well, thank you to our event sponsor, Suede Productions.

It was another wonderful, exciting, nerve-wracking, hilarious storytelling event! You rock Windsor!

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