2017 Season Closer – The Childhood Edition – Fri. December 8, 2017


Join us at our season closer for the Childhood edition! Featuring Guest Storyteller Janice Smith and Guest Musician Allison Brown. Stories and music will begin promptly at 7:30pm. Regular competition rules apply: tell a TRUE, PERSONAL STORY about your childhood up to 5 minutes in length. Audience votes will choose a Master Mouth Piece who will continue to the Master Mouth-Off Event (TBA!).

So childhood…we’ve all got stories from childhood that stick with us through adulthood! Sift through your memories and bring out the big-gun stories! Did you have to wear a ridiculous snowsuit? Did your parents cut your hair in a terrible style? Who was your first crush? First kiss fiascos? This part of our lives is ripe with stories – so think about what you’d like to share and come on down to Villains Baestro!

Here’s more details on how to be a storyteller!

Congratulations to our Master Mouth Pieces of the 2017 season! Will you be the next one?!

Put your story where your mouth is! 

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