FLOOD EDITION – Photos and More!

The Special ‘FLOOD’ Edition of Mouth Piece Storytelling took place on Thursday, September 21, 2017 at Villains Baestro.

It was a hot, sunny, beautiful day! Although we had a small crowd, it was the perfect crowd! We settled in and listened to musician Dominic Carlone sing us some wonderful ‘water’ songs.

We had six incredible storytellers sharing stories dealing with all sorts of floods!

Storyteller Stefan – it was his first time up at the mic but he’s a total natural!

Storyteller Stefan started us off with a musical vibe of his own!

Storyteller Tammy shared a story about some leaky bladders. Construction bladders! It was her first time at the mic as well – and she rocked it!

Storyteller Karen told us about her grandmother’s beautiful flood home care and love.

Storyteller Geoff, a past Master Mouth Piece, made us laugh to tears with his Istanbul story.

Storyteller Peter had a load of a story. #shitty! Check out his facial expressions – a born storyteller!

Storyteller Alicia, also a first-time Mouth Piecer, gave us one powerful story of the flooding of the blood.

Because of the generosity of several local businesses, we were able to give each storyteller a gift for braving the stage, and AWARD THREE PRIZES FOR MAST MOUTH PIECES!


Suede Productions

Windsor Vacuum

DeZenio Hair Salon

The Mouth Piece Family

The generous audience filled out their forms and voted on three storytellers as the winners or the MASTER MOUTH PIECES.

Congratulations to storytellers….GEOFF, PETER AND ALICIA!!

Each storyteller will advance and continue onto our annual Master Mouth-Off!

Oh, and did we mention that CBC NEWS was at our fancy little event? Indeed, they did! Journalist Chris Ensing came to cover our show – and we made the news!


Thank you for your dedication and support of storytelling!

We’ll see you in November for the CHILDHOOD edition – featuring Guest Storyteller Janice Smith.


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