Mouth Piece – The Music Edition – Guest Storyteller & Musical Guests Announced!


Check it out rock stars! Our line-up for Mouth Piece Storytelling – The Music Edition is here! This will be a night of music and stories the likes of which you’ve never known!

Yes, we’ll be gathering at Phog Lounge (157 University Ave. W) in downtown Windsor to pump up the jams – and the stories. Special Guest Storyteller and the best dang radio host (from 93.9FM The River) around, Dan MacDonald will be delivering a story about music we will never forget. Dan has graced many stages including the Grown Ups Read Things They Wrote As Kids (if you’ve never heard of this incredible storytelling [remembering!] show, be sure to click on the link!) show stage as well as the hottest drag queen ever in the DRAG Trilogy by playwright Christopher Lawrence Menard over at the Korda Artistic Productions stage…and, well, golly, there’s just too many to mention! Let’s just say, Dan’s the man, and you’re gonna love him!

Because the theme of the event is MUSIC, we thought it would be fun to sprinkle some live music in the show between the storytelling (you think that’s a grand idea too! Super!). We’ll be starting the event at 7:30pm sharp with a surprise musical performance, followed by Dan’s story, and then we’ll get into the storytelling with YOU dear storytellers!

Special musical guests are cellist Nadine Deleury (have you ever heard the soul-shuddering sound of a cello?!) and blues guitarist Tom McWilliams. We’ve got classical. We’ve got blues. We’ve some surprises, and of course, DJ Cam will be spinning all nighty-night so BRING YOUR DANCING SHOES AND DANCE. That is, after you tell and/or listen to the STORIES ABOUT MUSIC!

As always, this event is FREE. Because stories need to be shared and heard with love between humans.

We’re hoping for 10 storytellers. The rules of the competition are the same. Click here to find out what they are!

We’ve got some fabulous prizes for the Master Mouth Piece – and don’t forget, if you win this honour, you’ll move on the compete in the Master Mouth Off this December.

Okay. So what kind of stories can you tell? ANYTHING RELATED TO MUSIC. The first song you *insert any magical and/or not-so-magical moment that happened with a song in the background*. The best concert you ever saw/experienced and why. Were you in a school music and you’re voice cracked – tell us this story? Did you audition for a musical and it was a disaster or a success? TELL US. Did you dream of meeting a famous musician – then you met him/her – what the heck happened?! Can you play a musical instrument – tell us the story of you learning how…oh, there are just so many stories where music is involved. Put on your favourite song – and start thinking of your story!

Oh, and did we mention we’d LOVE IT IF YOU STAYED TO DANCE? Please do! Make it a night out! Guess what – the next day is a holiday because it’s July 1st!!

Thanks all! Mark your calendars. Get your stories ready. Bring your dancing shoes. Let the stories about music rock us!


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